About Me

D.E.Uhlig, who often signs his work 'Davado' (pronounced 'Day-VAH-doe'), is an award-winning illustrator whose work has appeared in numerous publications including the Kansas City Star, LifeStyle Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, University Daily Kansan, Editorial Humor Magazine, and World Policy Journal. Commercial illustration and design clients over the years have included Marriott, Samsung, Sprint, and the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, among others—and his Starbucks RedCup illustrations have been featured on the company's Pinterest and Facebook pages. He is the primary artist for the new Marriott Cascade Tribute Portfolio hotel on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, which features nearly 500 of his prints and original artworks.  In 1989, Mr. Uhlig co-founded Uhlig LLC, a leading provider of cross-media publishing and communication services in industries ranging from residential housing to book publishing to cancer care. Mr. Uhlig is married with three children and resides in Kansas City. He is currently working on children’s books, ebooks and apps and enjoys playing guitar.

Customer Service, Media, Business Development & Licensing Inquiries: Please contact: deuhlig@deuhlig.com.